School Years
The following divisions are developmentally appropriate and follow the patterns and stages of child development to early adulthood. The expectations and goals set for the students within each department are developmentally appropriate, and take into consideration each child’s individuality and unique potential. 3-6 years Nursery One- Nursery Two - Kindergarten Preschool 6-10 years First – Second –Third – Fourth Grades Lower School 10-15 years Fifth – Sixth- Seventh – Eighth – Ninth Grades Middle School 15-18 years Tenth – Eleventh – Twelfth Grades High School


الوطن يحتاج أكثر من جغرافيا نتعلمها لنعشقه ونرتبط به يحتاج حب وانتماء….
لنغرق فيه ونعطيه ونعيش كل حالاته وانفعالاته

رنا بيتموني

مديرة الوطنية


Al Sabboura
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