Our Goals
  • Build each child’s self-confidence and self-esteem, so that developmental goals can be set and potential fully reached through independent thought and positive action.
  • Focus on developing the skills needed for self-directed learning, which include motivation to learn, an inquiring mind, and methodical thinking.
  • Allow students to learn through real-life experiences, and to analyze the larger social setting through experimentation, field-trips, research, and project work.
  • Promote positive self-awareness and a positive world view by planning activities that take students into the community and that allow them to build relationships that reach beyond the confines of the school campus.
  • Promote acceptance of and respect for cultural and religious variances among human societies, while maintaining a love and understanding of one’s own cultural background and heritage.
  • Develop a sense for what is beautiful and spiritual that can lead to the development and improvement of our human state.
  • Promote an openness to and appreciation for the history of human civilization and thought, which will motivate students’ endeavors towards the development and continued improvement of the world.
  • Respect and understand one’s own rights and responsibilities, as well as the rights and responsibilities of others. Value the importance of a work ethic and the need to take pride in and perfect one’s work.
  • Increase environmental awareness and the feeling of responsibility for the environment. Empower students to believe that each individual’s actions can have an effect on the state of the planet.


الوطن يحتاج أكثر من جغرافيا نتعلمها لنعشقه ونرتبط به يحتاج حب وانتماء….
لنغرق فيه ونعطيه ونعيش كل حالاته وانفعالاته

رنا بيتموني

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