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To Dream of a School It is wonderful to dream of a school that builds people and cares for them; an environment that enables individuals to learn, mature, and blossom to their fullest potential in harmony with their inner selves and the world around them. Our dream is of a school that respects each human being, young or old, and that fosters in each the desire to gain knowledge and to attain the skills and techniques needed to live successfully as a life-long learner; individuals able to take responsibility for and take part in building a country that has its place in the world today. The school we dream of will keep at bay all reason for weakness and dejection because it will give each of us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. It offers each of us the space we need to become free-thinkers, inspiring creativity and inventiveness. To dream of a school is to dream of people willing to give of themselves in order to build a family, a community, and a nation. Rana Beitamouni


الوطن يحتاج أكثر من جغرافيا نتعلمها لنعشقه ونرتبط به يحتاج حب وانتماء….
لنغرق فيه ونعطيه ونعيش كل حالاته وانفعالاته

رنا بيتموني

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