Arabic Language: The lessons are designed to develop all language related skills, such as listening and reading comprehension, compositional and creative writing, and oral language skills. The students are exposed to a variety of literary styles through a focus on reading, and are given the opportunity to express their thoughts in both colloquial and formal Arabic.

Mathematics: A mathematical mind and logical thinking build the foundation for many other topics of study, therefore much effort is made to develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking, data analysis skills, and an appreciation for precision and order.

Science: Experimentation and hands-on application of knowledge are the best ways to grasp the topics of science. We encourage our students to make observations and research topics in order that they might create and verify their own theories about the physical world.

Humanities: This subject offers students the opportunity to study world history and current events, analyze the outcomes, and use this understanding of our past and present to plan for our future. It can also be seen as a segway that leads students’ interests towards the challenging issues of today’s changing world.

Foreign Language: Our Foreign Language programs are based on high quality curriculums that aim to develop language as a whole system of thought and self-expression. Instruction focuses on developing listening and verbal communication skills as well as the ability to read and write at a high level of precision and comprehension. English is taught as our second language, with an added focus on Math and Science at the elementary level. A special effort is made to encourage reading English books and resources. French is taught as a third language starting from first grade.

Religious Studies: A choice between Islamic and Christian religious studies is offered the students. This is seen as a method to inspire spiritual growth, and to promote an appreciation for beauty, kindness, and a strong moral ethic.

Technology: Our school includes two large computer labs that are fully equipped with state-of-the-art computer systems and internet capabilities. In addition to regular instruction on the use of various computer programs, these labs are used to promote all learning through organizing information, drawing graphic organizers for data, and conducting research relevant to all content areas.

The Arts: Music, Dance, Drama, and Fine Art all play a role in child development by offering the child a variety of opportunities for self-exploration and self-expression. They also allow the child to develop the ability to understand the thoughts and emotions expressed by others. Exposure to great world artists is seen as an opportunity to develop one’s tastes and a critical, discerning eye for what is beautiful or extraordinary.

Physical Education: Beyond developing various motor skills and physical coordination, challenging one’s abilities builds self-esteem and self-confidence. Team sports promote feelings of responsibility and respect as well as develop cooperation skills and the ability to be patient and organized. Strategic thinking and leadership abilities are also skills that are exercised through physical education.

Library: Our growing library is well stocked with a variety of resources, such as encyclopedias and dictionaries for every learning level, and a large selection of classic and current literature in all three languages, Arabic, English, and French. Children are encouraged to go to the library for researching projects, as well as borrowing books to take home for leisurely reading.

Social Activities: Many different types of events are planned for the students, including school trips, field trips, musical and theatrical performances, and community work. These efforts are made in order to promote the student’s sense of responsibility and commitment towards the school, as well as feelings of belonging to a community of peers. Ultimately, it is believed that these feelings and the skills learned through these endeavors will be transferred with the students as they leave school and enter the real world.


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